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His don giovanni, always designed as the crowning final release, were told, follows the pattern, while also throwing an extra dash of disappointment into the mix this seems in large part to be due to the conductors strange attitude towards. The opera was first performed at the national theatre in prague on 29 october 1787. Also sometimes known as a concertina fold, it is a method of parallel folding with the folds alternating between front and back. Mozart and da ponte make don giovanni fascinating, because evil is apparently fascinating. Ever since don giovanni slept with her and vanished, she has been on the hunt for him. To be specific, mozart was a person who only composed the opera. Don giovanni sound recording by wolfgang amadeus mozart. Don giovanni k527 1987 digital remaster, atto primo, scena quinta, finale. Leporello the nightmare that enriched my vocabulary. As the don, dietrich fischerdieskau presents a joyless, driven rake. Kasper holtens visually striking production accentuates the beauty and invention of mozarts dazzling tragicomedy. When leporello outshines don giovanni you know there is a problem. Giovannis servant, leporello, reads delightedly from his little black book.

The commendatore challenges giovanni to a duel and is killed. Bookprinted material mozarts don giovanni don juan. The name likely comes from the manservant, leporello, in mozarts opera don giovanni. Upon fleeing, after donna anna screams, don giovanni duels with il commendatore and kills him, before escaping with leporello. Da pontes libretto was billed as a dramma giocoso, a common designation of its time that denotes a mixing of serious and comic action. But even so, this recording is redeemed just so by terfel fans of his myself included may want to acquire this sadly uneven production. Leporello, don giovannis servant, grumbles about his demanding master and daydreams about being free of him. Note for instance how, despite all the razzledazzle modern engineering wonders that keep this album from ever sounding too old, there is a meaningfulness to all of the major scenes don giovanni killing the commendatore in a duel, leporello s catalog aria, giovanni seducing zerlina, the don s masquerade ball, elviras mi tradi quel alma. Famed rogue and lover don giovanni in italian also known as don juan in spanish has seduced so many women that when leporello displays a tally of his conquests, it unfolds, accordionstyle, into a shockingly long list. Leporello, servant to don giovanni, keeps watch as giovanni pursues donna anna.

Mozart don giovanni by carlo maria giulinidame joan. Don giovanni, opera in two acts by wolfgang amadeus mozart italian libretto by lorenzo da ponte that premiered on october 29, 1787. Ah chi mi dice mai donna elvira con don giovanni e leporello. Leporello and concertina books abebooks reading copy. Piano, vocal sheet music book by wolfgang amadeus mozart 17561791. Ubc opera presents don giovanni by ubc opera ensemble issuu. The danish philosopher soren kierkegaard wrote a long essay in his book enten eller in which he argues. As dawn breaks, don giovanni and leporello roam the streets of seville. Rias kammerchor from amazons classical music store. If don giovanni wasnt casted by mozart with sufficient solo arias, this soundtrack made it up by having the same singer singing the part of leporello as well. This is the second opera that mozart worked on with lorenzo da ponte, and while many might state that le nozze di figaro is the greater opera, don giovanni remains the most popular and amongst the mostproduced in the entire canon.

This great aria is sung by leporello in the second scene of the first act of wolfgang amadeus mozarts famous opera, don giovanni, read the synopsis of don giovanni when he and don giovanni are confronted by don giovannis past lover, donna elvira. Don giovanni by lorenzo regazzo, rene jacobs, johannes weisser, rene jacobs, wolfgang amadeus mozart, rene jacobs, rene jacobs, freiburg baroque orchestra, olga pasichnyk, sunhae im, kenneth tarver. Librarything is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Suddenly, the commendatores daughter, donna anna, rushes out, struggling with the masked giovanni and followed by her father. Madamina, il catalogo e questo is a bass catalogue aria from mozarts opera don giovanni to an italian libretto by lorenzo da ponte, and is one of mozarts most famous and popular arias. Leporello keeps a catalogue in a little book of the names of each of don. Basically, don giovanni is an opera that consists of two acts, and it was made in 1787 by wolfgang amadeus mozart. Don giovanni is an opera in two acts with music by wolfgang amadeus mozart and italian. Switching clothes with leporello, giovanni serenades elviras maid while leporello, dressed as giovanni, diverts elvira. Commendatore, don giovanni and his sidekick, leporello, spy a woman and begin to pursue her. They also propose a second class choice, less boring but less noble, masetto and zerlina or papageno and papagena.

His youthful voice the recording was made in 1958 is splendid, but the hectoring quality that was later to. Leporello waits for his master don giovanni to have a sexual encounter with don anna. But when don giovanni commits murder, he unleashes a dark power beyond his control. Leporello, the faithful servant of the nobleman don giovanni, is recounting the dons exploits with women to one of the dons jilted lovers, donna elvira. It is about the character better known as don juan. Ah, chi mi dice mai donna elviradon giovanni leporello. Mozarts don giovanni was inspired by the legend of don juan. Giovanni, still disguised as leporello, meets masetto, who is leading a vengeful posse in search of the don. Click to read more about don giovanni sound recording by wolfgang amadeus mozart. Don giovanni by wolfgang amadeus mozart, lorenzo da ponte. The previous instalments in theodor currentziss survey of the mozartda ponte operas tended to be enthralling and exasperating by turns.

It is sung by don giovannis servant leporello to elvira during act 1 of the opera. Don giovanni simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In scene 2 of the opera scene 1 being the murder of the commendatore, don giovanni and his sidekick, leporello, spy a woman and begin to pursue her. Aided by his servant leporello, don giovanni grows increasingly reckless. Don giovanni available in dvd ship this item temporarily out of stock online buy online, pick up in store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for instore purchase. The figure of the don had been seen on the stage in spain, france, italy and germany in.

Don giovanni leporello don ottaviodonna annadonna elvira by carlo maria giuliniphilharmonia orchestraeberhard waechterelisabeth schwarzkopfdame joan sutherlandluigi alvagiuseppe taddei. Leporello has recorded all of the deeds or misdeeds in a catalogue. Terms in this set 10 in the catalog aria leporello assures donna elvira that indeed she is don giovannis one true love. Mozart, wolfgang amadeus don giovanni commendatore. Find the metropolitan opera on facebook opens new window find the metropolitan opera on twitter opens new window find the metropolitan opera on instagram opens new window. The woman is obviously in great distress, and dg offers her words of comfort, whereupon the woman, none other than donna elvira, turns. Famed rogue and lover don giovanni in italian also known as don juan. She resists and struggles with the disguised giovanni.

For those who do not know the opera, the situation is this. Don ottavio, now convinced of don giovannis baseness, decides to file charges. The term leporello refers to printed material folded into an. New offerings in leporellos catalogue the nightingales.

Their choice fell on the theme of don giovanni, which had frequently been treated in literary works. Don giovanni study guide by boston lyric opera issuu. Don giovanni by wolfgang amadeus mozart libretto italian english don giovanni, giovane cavaliere estremamente licenzioso baritono donna anna, dama promessa sposa di don ottavio soprano don ottavio tenore commendatore basso donna elvira, dama di burgos, abbandonata da don giovanni soprano leporello, servo di don giovanni basso. They depict anna and ottavio a bit boring, because virtue is apparently a bit boring. When he attacks donna anna and accidentally kills her father, she swears vengeance.

The operas subject is don juan, the notorious libertine of fiction, and his eventual descent into hell. Donna elvira, a lady from burgos, seduced and abandoned by don giovanni has come to seville in search of him. Donna elvira has, prior to the beginning of the opera, been seduced by don giovanni and subsequently abandoned by him. Don giovanni is about a libertine and murderer who refuses to repent when given the chance. Don giovanni is an opera in two acts with music by wolfgang amadeus mozart and italian libretto by lorenzo da ponte. Don giovanni by wolfgang amadeus mozart cast don giovanni, a young, extremely licentious nobleman baritone donna anna, commendatores daughter, betrothed to don ottavio soprano don ottavio tenor il commendatore don pedro bass donna elvira, a lady of burgos abandoned by don giovanni soprano leporello, don giovannis servant bass. Don giovanni senses the approach of a woman and they hide.

In his aria the very first in don giovanni, leporello sings in a smooth, bel canto style at the moments in which he. Leporello, servant to the nobleman don giovanni, keeps watch outside the commendatores home at night. Mozart was eager to start working and return to the city which had received him so warmly. Noticing the statue, don giovanni orders a terrified leporello to invite it to dinner. The impulsive, charismatic don giovanni is a serial seducer, accompanied by his longsuffering servant leporello. Mozart discussed the assignment with the librettist of figaro, lorenzo da ponte. Italian contributor names mozart, wolfgang amadeus 17561791 composer.

Anna, elvira, and ottavio arrive, masked and intent on vengeance. In recent years dh has focused primarily on his native russian and verdian reportoires. Famed rogue and lover don giovanni in italian also known as don juan in spanish has. Giovanni orders leporello to prepare a feast for that evening. It was premiered by the prague italian opera at the national theater, now called the estates theatre, on 29 october 1787. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Giovanni resumes his pursuit of zerlina and, upon discovering masetto, persuades the couple to enter the villa with him. Don giovanni and leporello meet in front of the commendatores statue. Mozarts classic is a brilliant combination of stark human tragedy and touching comedy, set to music of.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Don giovanni, opera in two acts by wolfgang amadeus mozart italian libretto by. Don giovanni starts to tell leporello of his latest exploits when an unearthly voice is heard. Conductor ferenc fricsays firm hand guides this legendary don giovanni unerringly toward inevitable damnation and retribution, with quick tempos and a sense of purpose rare in recordings of the opera.

Quel est ce feu qui pousse don giovanni a seduire, a soumettre, a conquerir les femmes une a. Together with her betrothed don ottavio and donna elvira, don giovannis neglected lover, she pursues him relentlessly. Leporello threatens to leave his master but giovanni convinces him to stay. Better yet, acquire any of all of the competition giulini, karajan, sir colin davis philips, krips, fricsay and others i may have missed.

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