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This guide is designed to assist in making you and your family less vulnerable to terrorists. The guide is a succinct, compact, handy reference guide produced in an accessible and durable form. Read online level 1 antiterrorism level i antiterrorism awareness training book pdf free download link book now. The subject course provides instruction on terrorism awareness for all marines. Counterterrorism strategy is a governments plan to use the instruments of national power to neutralize terrorists, their. When possible, it is best to always travel with a cell phone. Since 1998, s2s training staff have instructed thousands of security and public safety professionals in. These courses are presented by s2s acclaimed antiterrorism training staff, including bomb security consultant craig gundry and chemical and biological weapons expert harvey j. Anti terrorism resolution 73 2001 was adopted by the security council at its 4385th meeting, on 28 september 2001. Ayeda husain naqvi writes in the rise of the muslim marine newsline, july 1996, 7577 that while hate crimes against muslims rise all over the world, surprising the us military is one of the safest places to be a muslim. This presentation contains the community emergency response team cert basic training unit 8, which discusses terrorism and cert.

This course gives an overview on terrorism and provides guidance to individual marines on terrorism and its effects. The ticketing area is more secure than the area beyond the security. During this presentation you will view video footage of al qaeda operatives engaging in training scenarios. Antiterrorism awareness quarterly theme antiterrorism. The ticketing area is more secure than the area beyond the security check point. Antiterrorism scenario training, page 1 none of the above keeping a wellmaintained vehicle is considered a best practice from both a security and safety perspective. During this stage, terrorists will select attack method, obtain weapons and equipment, recruit specialized operatives, and design escape routes. Counterterrorism also spelled counterterrorism, also known as antiterrorism, incorporates the practice, military tactics, techniques, and strategy that government, military, law enforcement, business, and intelligence agencies use to combat or prevent terrorism. It begins with an introduction to terrorism and a threat briefing. Antiterrorism level i awareness training dhs homeland security advisory system introduction created in march 2002 to inform the us public of changes in the threat of domestic terrorism adjusted at national and local levels based on intelligence and law enforcement agency lea information applies only to the us and its territories. Anti terrorism with the global threat of terrorism activity everwidening, both governments and private agencies alike have embarked on a most expedited track to find any and all ways and means by which to manage and deter this social cancer. Netanyahu having considerable experience of fighting terrorism on the diplomatic, political and also military battlefields.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Cjcs guide 5260 a selfhelp guide to antiterrorism 1 september 2010. Cert basic training unit 8 terrorism and cert author. Which of the following is not an antiterrorism level i theme. The purpose of this training is to increase your awareness of terrorism and to improve your ability to apply personal protective measures. The focus areas for this quarterly awareness theme. National terrorism advisory system ntas elevated threat. This is an awareness level course designed to communicate basic information concerning explosive and incendiary devices that could be used as terrorist weapons. Given a slideshow presentation, learners will be able to identify actions which prevent terrorists from recognizing dod personnel with a minimum of eighty percent accuracy. Knowing indicators of an unstable person can allow you to identify a potential insider threat before an incident.

Scenariobased multilevel learning for counterterrorism. The references below were compiled by or under the direction of wayne blanchard, ph. Academic emergency management and related courses aemrc. Australias national counterterrorism arrangements are well practised with major exercises held annually. Shore hotel is conducting a course provided by the new mexico institute of mining and technology. Antiterrorism scenario training, page 2 objective5 true false correct 17 persons who have been given access to an. Al qaeda arabic for the base is an organization based in afghanistan that.

The course is comprised of classroom presentations designed to familiarize participants with commercial and military explosives. Nonprofits and grantmakers need to know a plainlanguage guide to executive order 224, the patriot act, embargoes and sanctions, irs rules, treasury department voluntary guidelines, and usaid requirements. Eyes program is an educational program that trains individuals on how to identify the indicators of terrorism and how to properly report their findings. Antiterrorism scenario training, page 3 true false.

This site is like a library, you could find million book here by using search box in the header. Department of defense dod civilians and contractor training. Everyone on an installation has shared responsibility for security. In the event of a skyjacking, you should immediately attempt to subdue the. In the first two lessons, learners will develop a broad understanding of terrorism to include a definition of terrorism as well as examples of terrorist groups and targets. Antiterrorism scenario training, page 2 objective25 false true correct 2 true or false. Antiterrorism scenario training, page 2 true false. Terrorism awareness and prevention participant guide this presentation was developed by the new jersey office of homeland secmity and preparedness. Level 1 antiterrorism awareness training jko pretest. It also provides links to resources you can use in the future.

Antiterrorism scenario training, page 2 objective27 true correct fals e 16 if you identify a possible surveillance attempt you should try to handle the situation yourself. The prohibitions of the criminal justice system do not necessarily change in the mind of potential terrorists what they believe is. In the event of a skyjacking, you should immediately attempt to subdue the skyjackers. Harvard professor joseph nye 2001 suggests terrorism is a method of violence with roots that stretch far back in history a. Antiterrorism scenario training, page 4 true or false. Completion of this training meets the annual requirement for level i antiterrorism training prescribed by dodi 2000. Terrorists may conduct additional surveillance to confirm previous information and gain additional details. Most people will be aware of benjamin netanyahus history as a former prime minister of israel, but few are aware of his service as a soldier in an elite antiterrorist unit in the israeli army. After three failures in either scenario, the student will be exited from the course. Antiterrorism training, whether at the individual or collective level is fundamental to our preparedness and defense against the terrorist threat. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so dont worry about it. Antiterrorism scenario training, page 4 objective24 false correct true 3 true or false. Arguably, an effective counterterrorism policy also seeks to address the religious motivational element involved in acts of terrorism.

Warns of a credible terrorist threat against the u. Violence which targets individuals such as muggings, robberies, sexual assaults etc. Jko level 1 antiterrorism awareness training answers. Antiterrorism scenario training, page 2 true or false.

National counterterrorism exercises are an exercise program involving the australian federal government and all states and territories designed to test australias counterterrorism response arrangements. Start studying level 1 antiterrorism awareness training jko pretest anti terrorism level 1 pretest answers quizlet. This focus distinguishes slatt training from first responder and related weapons of mass destructionnuclear. It is important that you ensure all members of your family. Fema, cert, basic, training, unit 8, terrorism created date. Warns of a credible, specific, and impending terrorist threat against the u. Where previously an accredited trainer had to come out to site, to deliver a threehour training session, this is no longer required. Travel in small groups, in secure welllit public areas. National strategy for combating terrorism focuses on identifying and defusing threats before they reach our borders. Start studying esws 110 antiterrorism fundamentals.

Mccs antiterrorism level i awareness training taking public transportation have a plan and move from one secure location to the next. Academic emergency management and related courses aemrc for the higher education program terrorism bibliography. The initial moments of a hostage taking incident can be extremely dangerous. Level 1 antiterrorism level i antiterrorism awareness training. Jko at level 1 pretest answers quizlet keyword found. Antiterrorism personal protection measures 2 phase 4. Which of the following is not an antiterrorism level i. Next, there is an oconusspecific scenario in which you can examine the actions you should take to increase your safety in various situations. Terrorism awareness training for citizens train the trainer program for law enforcement, government and nonprofit institutions. The department of home affairs manages the counterterrorism capability. In an active shooter incident involving firearms you should immediately lie on the ground.

Gundrys expertise in antiterrorism began as a specialist in force protection with the united states army. Esws 110 antiterrorism fundamentals flashcards quizlet. Lessons and a level 1 scenario before the student attempts at the final level 2. Project griffin has been replaced by act awareness elearning. Antiterrorism scenario training, page 2 true true or false. Gundry is the author of the acclaimed bomb countermeasures for security professionals cdrom and a new book on assessing terrorismrelated risk. When crises occurs as a result of natural disasters or calamities, the organization that shall primarily address the. The national counter terrorism security office nactso, the organisation responsible for promoting the governments counter terrorism strategy, has announced the withdrawal of project griffin. Introduction about this training designed by jcs in coordination with osd and services designed to increase awareness of terrorism and improve ability to apply personal protective measures meets the annual requirement for level i antiterrorism training prescribed by dodi 2000. To successfully complete the training, the student must pass the level 2 scenario with an 80% overall score.

Nye notes that terrorism was used by anarchists and other revolutionaries in the 19th century. While we appreciate the nature of the difficult challenge before us, our strategy is based on the belief that sometimes the most difficult tasks are accomplished by the most direct means. From a security perspective, the best rooms are directly next to emergency exits. America is a great power possessing tremendous military might and a wideranging economy, but all this is built on an unstable foundation which can be targeted, with special attention to its obvious weak spots.

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