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Chiang rai big bike rentals reserve your chiang rai. See the best attraction in chiang mai printable tourist map. Public transport consists mainly of tuktuks and songthaews, plus a smaller number of taxis. Hence, today the culture found at chiang rai is the mixture of all these three places. Although smaller than chiang mai, which happens to be the largest city in northern thailand, chiang rai is still a bustling city with its fair share of traffic and honking horns. It was not until 1786 that chiang rai became a chiang mai vassal. Its best to base yourself in these towns rather than travel from chiang mai and there you will find many local trekking companies who can take. The hotel is brand new so new the pool and many meeting rooms are still under construction with exclusively modern facilities. With more than 15 years experience in thai tourism, we continue to go exploring places and love taking our time to really enjoy the beauty of thailand and its fantastic people.

Plan your visit to chiang mai with free chiang mai itineraries, guides, things to do and maps. Chiang rai is about 820 km north of bangkok and is easily accessible from bangkok via hwy 1, hwy 32, and from chiang mai via hwy 118. Route 1095 is very scenic but also extremely windy and steep. First time in chiang mai old city what to do chiang mai. After lanna was incorporated into thailand, it remained an autonomous region and thus the chiang rai area was administered from chiang mai. Pedal through timeless thai landscapes to a temple tour and restaurant lunch on this guided cycle tour, capped at 14 travelers, with truck transfers to and from your hotel. Map from chiang mai thailand to chiang rai chiang rai thailand. Chiang mai maps is a good way to discover where are located the principal attractive feature of this famous travel destination of northern thailand.

It was temporarily the capital of mengrais lanna kingdom until being superseded by chiang mai. Use the clock tower as a reference point, and south of it is a 300. Siam thailand annexed chiang mai in 1899, and chiang rai was proclaimed a. Chiang rai is the northernmost large city in thailand, with a population of about 200,000 people. The fourway circular thingy marks sights, attractions and other points of interest. The description of areas of chiang mai can be found under the chiang mai hotels if you are going to go to independent travel by rented transport through the northern provinces of thailand, you can purchase maps of chiang mai, chiang rai or just north in. The organisation of the trip was faultless and we were able to relax and enjoy the ride. Chiang mai, glory su thep mountain, honour tradition, pleasing flowers, prestigious fame of ping town. Create your personal guide to chiang mai with full information on all top attractions. Detailed map of chiang rai chiang rai map viamichelin. Chiang rai everything you need to know about chiang rai.

Large chiang mai maps for free download and print high. Detailed and highresolution maps of chiang mai, thailand for free download. Travel guide to touristic destinations, museums and architecture in chiang mai. Click the links to read our travel guides to these places.

This is despite the fact that chiang rai province has such a. Chiang mai bike adventure tour book the best bike tour. Wrestled from burmese control by the kingdom of siam, the former capital of the lanna people is a captivating collection of glimmering monasteries, manic markets, modern shopping centres, and quiet residential streets that wouldnt look amiss in a remote village. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. Chiang rai tourist map you are prohibited to use and redistribute the materials including information, images, voice data, etc.

The firsttimers travel guide to chiang mai 2020 will. Select map or atlas road where there are road numbers and names are duplicated in english and thai so you can show it to locals who do not speak english. The company operates half day five days cycling tours around chiang rai and golden triangle area. The viamichelin map of chiang rai get the famous michelin maps, the result of more than a century of mapping experience. Oct 16, 2018 the list of objects on the map chiang rai province below the map you can see the grouped list of all objects stations, transport areas and beaches, attractions, etc. Unless you plan to visit the more remote areas further north or south, getting around on a bicycle, motorbike or on foot should suffice. Bed icons indicate a guesthouse, hostel or hotel, the knife and fork is an eatery or bar and the fourway circular thingy marks sights, attractions and other points of interest. Chiang rai travel chiang rai province, thailand lonely.

King mengrai is believed to have found chiang rai in 1263. Chiang mai city map download chiangmai city map pdf file. The map indexes with grid code references for the above map are listed in 2 separate groups below as follows. May 25, 2020 my husband and i had an amazing time, on the chiang mai to chiang rai trip. The trail is primarily used for hiking, bird watching, and backpacking and is best used from november until march. We took a bus to chiang mai from chiang rai but there are other ways to get there depending on where you are. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the course from the city of chiang rai by car. When youre done, you can download your chiang mai travel guide to your phone or tablet, or print it as a pdf. Today, chiang rai is a small, charming city that provides the perfect base for exploring the scenic and cultural attractions of thailands far north. Chiang rai thailand tourism 2020 travel guide holidify. To find the map for the driving distance from chiang mai thailand to chiang rai chiang rai thailand, please enter the source and destination and then select the driving mode. Most travellers, however, still prefer to drive or take a bus from chiang mai, partly because its much cheaper and also because its part of the pai experience.

Subsequently, chiang rai was conquered by burma and remained under burmese rule for several hundred years. Districts map of chiang mai chiang mai forum thailand. If you want to travel further from chiang mai, some excellent trekking can also be found in the areas of mae hong son, pai and chiang rai. Chiang rai tourism authority of thailand, kuala lumpur. Its located 10 minutes from central chiang rai, which is a ways in such a small city, and getting a tuktuk requires you to cross the freeway to the city center.

Other roads connect the city of chiang mai with the north and south of the province, as well as with the east towards chiang rai province. Chiang mai old city is practically an attraction in itself, and a gentle walk around the narrow streets will take you around many of the major temples, beautiful historical buildings and fascinating museums, all while enjoying the delightful atmosphere. The guide named ayay not sure how to spell it was friendly, knowledgeable, always cheerful. It is said that 5,000 years ago, ancestors migrated from china, laos, and burma to this city along the mekong river. Chiang mai to chiang rai by bike spiceroads cycling tours.

Apr 16, 2014 can anyone suggest or post a map of chiang mai, showing the names of the various districts which property folkestate agents use. Web sawadee public company limited 888124 ploenchit rd. Chiang mai railway station is the northern terminus of the northern line, operated by the state railway of thailand. Founded in 1262 as the capital of the mengrai dynasty. Inside just one square mile, chiang mai s medieval. Chiang rai bicycle tour is the the first bicycle touring group based in chiangrai, the northernmost province of thailand. Chiang mai can be navigated on foot, particularly if you are staying in the old city. The actual dimensions of the chiang rai map are 1063 x 1552 pixels, file size in bytes 199042. The geographical center of chiang mai on the map area night bazaar. The historic centre and the tourist area is located in old town. Use the clock tower as a reference point, and south of it is a 300metre stretch where you can go bar hopping after sunset. If you are taking the scenic route there are a host of national parks between mai and rai.

The 18 holes are laid out on a hilly country and players have a good view of the surroundings. Large chiang rai maps for free download and print high. Find any address on the map of chiang rai or calculate your itinerary from or to chiang rai. Wat rong khun, chiang rais glistening white temple, nestles in the countryside some miles from the city center. Travel guide to touristic destinations, museums and architecture in chiang rai. Chiang mai map map of chiang mai, thailand chiang mai. We operate and service our own fleet of motorcycles so this means we are held responsible for our equipment and take great pride in our fleet.

Book your tickets online for chiang rai bicycle tour, chiang rai. Visit chiang mai chiang mai trip planning visit a city. Chiang mai teeoff service invites you to join our yearly competition in chiang mai 24 oct 1 nov 2020 you will stay at duangtawan hotel and play 6 unique golf courses read more bangkok pre tour 27. Chiang mai map, map of chiang mai in english includes attractions, hotels, restaurants, and more. Most people get on their bikes to ride here in the months of january and december. Find the right bike route for you through chiang rai, where weve got 83 cycle routes to explore. Once back on solid ground, cycle to some natural hot springs and then back track a short bit to head to chiang rai.

Chiang mai is a land of misty mountains and colourful hill tribes, a playground for seasoned travellers, a paradise for shoppers and a delight for adventurers and songkran revellers. Get directions, maps, and traffic for chiang mai, chiang mai. Cycling guide all of our tour guide have been well trained and are licensed by thai tourism department. Chiang mai is the second largest city in thailand and chiang rai is a small place you should do some research on both and decide which would be best for you to visit, for a first visit to the area chaing mai would probably be your best option but most people visit both during the same trip. Chiang rai is known for its excellent and rich history. All you have to do is select the type of places youd like to include restaurants, museums, etc. Start from the resort and ride 8 km optional off road to a lahu village where you will hitch a ride on a longtail boat bikes are taken on board on the mae kok river. Use the above map to find specific destinations in and around chiang rai which are listed on travelfish.

Map of chiang rai detailed map of chiang rai are you looking for the map of chiang rai. See alphabetic indexes of places for chiang khong and huay xay at the bottom of this web page. This small, amiable city is worth getting to know, with its relaxed atmosphere, fine local food and goodvalue accommodation. In any case, you can check on 12go asia for bus tickets from chiang rai to chiang mai. Waterford valley chiang rai the golf course with 18 holes located outside of chiang rai town. Google earth has all the streets, but not what i need. Overview map of chiang rai including locations of hotels, tourist attractions. Downtown chiang rai is fairly small and easy to get around in. Each park will offer different things to do and see.

Compared to its sister town chiang mai, it has a more relaxed and downtoearth feel but is never short on historical and cultural attractions of its own. The routes you most commonly find here are of the flat type. Get the free printable map of chiang mai printable tourist map or create your own tourist map. Clicking on the name of any object in the list the map will automatically take you to the right place well, not you, of course, but only its reflection. Chiang rai became a province in 1910, after being part of the lanna kingdom for centuries. In stark contrast with the skyscrapers of urban bangkok, historic old town chiang mai will give you a feel for the real thailand.

Depending on the vehicle you choose, you can also calculate the amount of co2 emissions from your vehicle and assess the environment impact. Chiang rai city remains a sleepy provincial town with a pleasant atmosphere. Chiang mai bike adventure is a licensed land tour operator based in thailand. We offer the ultimate motorcycle experience with our full. Chiang mai province is one thailands 76 provinces and occupies a region in northern thailand. Looking for a place to rent, and not knowing areas apart from phruek, makes it difficult. This map shows restaurants, bars, hotels, points of interest, tourist attractions and sightseeings in chiang mai. I suggest checking bookaway to find route options available to you. Explore chiang rai holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. Chiang mai bike adventure tour book the best bike tour in. Detailed and highresolution maps of chiang rai, thailand for free download. The word chiang means city in thai, so chiang rai would mean the city of mang rai.

Founded in 1296 as the new capital of the lanna kingdom after chiang rai, old town is gritty, rough around the edges, enchanting, and is absolutely beautiful. Map of chiang rai hotels and attractions on a chiang rai. Chiang rai big bike company is a full service motorcycle rental and tour company operating in northern thailand. Each bed icon indicated a guesthouse, hostel or hotel covered on travelfish.

Chiangrai bicycle tour is own by a local family from northern thailand lanna. The 10 best hotel deals in chiang rai may 2020 tripadvisor. If you are planning to go to independent travel by rented transport through the northern provinces of thailand, you can purchase maps of chiang mai, chiang rai or just north in large bookstores. Use the map below to find specific destinations in chiang mai which are listed on travelfish. The 6km stretch from chiang mai can take up to four hours, passing through nearly 2,000 sharp turns. Free chiang mai walking tour map old town temples guide. City center map and hotels in city center area chiang rai. Cycling routes and bike maps in and around chiang rai. As thailands northernmost city, chiang rai is only 118 miles 190 kilometers from chiang mai. How to get from chiang mai to chiang rai tripsavvy. Our pages contain all what you need to help you to set up your holiday. This map shows streets, roads, rivers, houses, buildings, parkings, shops in chiang mai. Go back to see more maps of chiang mai maps of thailand. The 18 holes are laid out on a hilly country and players have a good view of the surroundings from club house in the suburbs of chiang rai.

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