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Micropipe software for refrigeration system pipe network analysis and sizing by white rose software, uk. Pcad is a program for sizing natural gas lines and piping. To identify the uses for these adaptors, consult your supplier or auspex directly. The pipe is manufactured in 16mm and 20mm sizes and supplied. It used hypersparc processors and supported upto 24 ethernets and 4 fddi networks. Auspex has been australias leading manufacturer of pex pipe and fittings. This application is dimension of piping and accessories. Tradepex is now even more flexible with the addition of pexa. Pipe sizing and calculation methods revit products 2016.

The crimp system is made up of pex pipe, dr brass fittings, copper crimp rings and a unique jointing tool, to ensure fast, hassle free and cost effective results for plumbers. Auspex introduced the first networkattached storage nas devices. The pipe flow wizard software calculates the type of flow that will occur in the pipe laminar flow or turbulent flow, the reynolds number, the friction factor and the fluid velocity, to derive a minimum size for the internal diameter of the pipe. After your order is confirmed, you will receive access to the section on the digitalpipefitter.

Fluidflow includes powerful automatic equipment sizing functionality which allows the designer to size pipes, pumps, fans, control valves, orifice plates and relief valves. Flared copper compression to auspex crimp adaptors are available. Calculations and analysis for all commonly used refrigerants. Home software mcquay pipesizer with solved example free download. A bobcat recently crushed our main copper water pipe. Auspex, incorporated celebrates 30 years of operation, 1985 to 2015.

If youre looking for a full featured domestic supply water pipe sizing program then. The system is designed to use the same power tools and jaws that are used on the duopex gas system 32mm to 63mm and the auspex hot and cold potable water system, 16mm to 25mm. Auspexs enterpriseclass network servers are used worldwide for consolidated information storage and. The software will do all the thermal calculations involved in the design and will generate a summary of all resultsetc. No more shuffling with capacity tables, fittings lenght. Based on the design you create, the appropriate pipe sizes will be calculated automatically. This stand alone applications software has been developed to aid in the sizing of gastite fuel gas piping systems using sizing equations specific to the gastite tubing. Auspex has been delivering software solutions to customers on time and within budget since 1985. Based on this design scenario, the software has indicated a pipe size of 2. Pipe flow software for flow rate, pressure drop, and pumping calculations. Provides software and mechanical engineering services for the petrochemical industry. Online calculator to quickly determine pipe sizing by velocity for water. Our newest product leak track 2000 is no exception. With testing conducted by csiro for auspress jaws with.

Stormwater, pvc and dwv pipe and fittings shop online or in store for your stormwater, pvc or dwv fittings and pipes. How much head loss pressure drop occurs in an auspex 16 mm pex pipe carrying hot water at 70c with a required flow rate of 0. With pcad you sketch your system, enter the supply pressure and required pressure drop, equipments gas flow, pipes length and fittings, and you get the result instantly. Imperial size, copper tube of up to 618 or schedule 40 steel tube up to 20 diameter.

The crimp system comprises pex pipe, dr brass fittings, copper crimp rings and a specially engineered jointing tool, ensuring that all your jobs are quick, hassle free, cost effective and of the highest quality. Pcad will increase your profitability by reducing the time required to design your piping systems. Specialised and tested adaptor fittings are also available. Spipe computes optimal pipe sizes for hot and cold water domestic water. Leak track 2000 is innovation pipeline leak detection software with the ability to monitor during upset, transient conditions. The design and installation instructions related solely to the specific rehau product. It has many accessories in the app such as pipe size, pipe clamp, fitting, flange, pipe hanger and gaskets. The pipe has been set to automatically size based on a design velocity of 25 ms. If youre looking for a full featured domestic supply water pipe sizing program then s pipe is what you want. Auspex systems synonyms, auspex systems pronunciation, auspex systems translation, english dictionary definition of auspex systems. Uponor aquapex meets astm f876 and f877 and is listed to ansinsf standards 14 and 61. The tubing may be used in radiant heatingcooling and snow melting applications where there are no ferrous metaliron components in the system.

Pipe sizing and pipe friction loss calculations have never been easy. Do not join auspex pipe by using a fitting with a coloured ring. Usage installation at the moment, you just copy an exe, run and dive into the bunker using the. Pipe pressure drop calculator aioflo katmar software. Our plumbing and bathroom products are sourced both locally and internationally which you can find in over 600 locations across australia and new zealand. Aioflo pronounced ayeohflow is a windows software application that solves pipe sizing diameter calculation, pressure drop and fluid flow rate hydraulic problems for single phase flow in single pipes. Feature pipe dimension pipe material pipe strength pipe clamp fitting dimension pipe flange dimension pipe hanger gasket. If youre looking for a full featured domestic supply water pipe sizing program then spipe is what you want. It is based on the darcyweisbach pipe sizing formula for liquid flow, and the integrated version for isothermal gas flow. All of our plumbing software can be downloaded free for evaluation. Temperature, pressure, weight of the piping system, anchor. This solution combines the engineer and fabricator bundles to provide the ultimate in tube bending software. The mission of the company is to create a new generation of pipe stress analysis program that should help pipe stress engineers to. Worlds leading bending software for the tube, pipe, and profile bending industry.

Proudly australian owned and made, auspex presents a range of plumbing products, which save time, and eliminates waste and complications from any plumbing project. New pexa pipe for water is a crosslinked, polyethylene pe pipe that is extremely durable, even at temperatures of up to 95 degrees celsius, and has a high tolerance to wear and corrosion. Piping design and pipe stress analysis software autopipe. You enter the pipe type, fluid type and pipe size and the program will show you the maximum allowable flow gpm for these conditions. Speed the design of class 1, 2, and 3 nuclear piping systems with advanced analysis capabilities such as. Auspex a windows productivity app if anyone is interested i will also discuss the technical aspects of writing this software, and how i solved some of the trickier challenges of getting the blighter to work how i wanted it to. Duopex water pipe in sizes 32mm to 63mm has a black outer layer, which is in. After an initial public offering in 1993, shares were traded on the nasdaq exchange under symbol aspx. Pipe stress analysis software triflex pipe stress software. Auspex s last sparc server, introduced in q3 1994, was the ns 7000, with 180gb hdd storage. Micropipe software for refrigeration system pipe network. Auspex introduced the worlds first network attached storage nas server shortly after its founding in 1987, creating a new breed of storage appliance offering significant performance and administrative benefits over generalpurpose file servers. Pipe sizing in revit, you use the pipe sizing dialog to specify the method used to automatically size or calculate sections of.

Gea pipecalc program gas pipework calculator software. You will find pipes in a variety of lengths to suit, and the perfect adaptors and sockets for connecting stormwater runoff systems for residential projects, commercial and farm and irrigation projects. Gea pipecalc4 pplc software is a calculation tool for gas fitters and engineers. It would be nice to have maximum water pressure inside again. It builds on the success of pipecalc3, providing existing functionality together with a number of new features. Buttons call popup windows for selecting the pipe and fitting details shown on following pages. This manual is for the introduction of complete water pipe and fittings with sizes ranging. If i already have 25mm might be 22mm auspex piping in my house and i want to rerun the water main, am i able to join the blue line pipe with auspex. Autopipe nuclear nuclear piping design and analysis software for critical safety pipework to asme class 1, 2, or 3 standards. Autopipe vessel design and analysis software for pressure vessels, heat exchangers, tanks, and air coolers. The auspex crimp system can be easily dismantled without damage to the fitting body. It has lots of builtin pipe and fitting data, plus the flexibility to let you enter your own data.

A materials list will be generated, including recommended components and estimated material costs. Brazing adaptors are available, designed so that one end can. Elite software plumbing design and pipe sizing programs. Triflex windows is a world recognized standard for pipe stress analysis. If you are running new pipe from the meter, use class 12 25mm poly blue stripe. Search 0 items friday 1st may 2020 menu pipe flow software. Auspex crimp has a range of adaptors, which are identified by a different coloured plastic ring. The duopex gas pipe and fitting system is designed as a consumer system for gas installations in accordance with table 3. The aioflo main screen contains all the major settings together with the input data and calculated results. The auspex push fit system has been introduced to provide more flexible and choice for the plumber when used. Design the layout of your gas supply system using gastites sizeit software. Aioflo performs pipe sizing, flow rate and pressure drop calculations for liquids and gases. The push fit system can be used along with crimp system and auspex pipe. To enable adaption from multilayer pipe to auspex pex pipe a series of conversion couplings are available, e.

Click below to open the data table in a popup window. Engineers have three options to choose from when automatically sizing pipes. Does viagra work better thaqn cialis for men with hypothyroidism. Winpipe, llc is an engineering software company founded by experienced engineers and software developers in 20. Uponor aquapex is the leading brand of pex tubing for potable hotcold plumbing applications. Auspex systems definition of auspex systems by the free. Duopex water is a compositemultilayer pipe manufactured in accordance with as 4176 together with ats 5200478 and carries water mark licenses for hot and cold water applications. Uponor aquapex meets astm f876 and f877 and is listed to ansinsf standards 14 and 61 for potable plumbing. Software include vessel and heat exchanger engineer and pipe class component calculations.

Dhex is a software tool that is made to demonstrate the chemical design calculations of double pipe hairpin heat exchangers. Top quality plumbers battery press tool with interchangeable jaws suitable for most pipe systems on the market in australia. Download mcquay pipe sizer is a very simple tool from daikin company for sizing hvac systems pipes. This license password will enable printing from digital pipe fitter so that you can generate your own templates. One of the unique features of their systems was the ease with which volumes could be transparently mirrored and migrated between physical disks. Feature pipe dimension pipe material pipe strength pipe clamp fitting dimension pipe flange dimension pipe hanger gasket dimension. Mcquay pipesizer with solved example free download. Were nearing the end of the era in the enterprise flash array market when bad marketing didnt matter. The system is intended for use by licensed plumbing tradesmen, who are experienced in working to accepted plumbing practices. Auspex s crimp system is designed for both cold and hot water applications and has revolutionised pipe fitting for plumbers with its simple cut fit crimp done process. Auspexs crimp system is designed for both cold and hot water applications and has revolutionised pipe fitting for plumbers with its simple cut fit crimp done process the crimp system is made up of pex pipe, dr brass fittings, copper crimp rings and a unique jointing tool, to ensure fast, hassle free and cost effective results for. Note, you can model specific user defined pipe diameters however, as 2.

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