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The icing on the cake and the goal that we aimed for the coveted red rosette at the connemara pony show was ours. Its located in the north west corner of county galway and is an area of desolate beauty, incredible scenery and some interesting attractions, which combine to make connemara a really beautiful place and a place close to the hearts of irish people and visitors alike. The connemara kitchen brings you irelands most popular loose tea blend. On 120 acres just 15 miles north of manhattan, irish gate farm is located in the historic, rolling prairie known as the flint hills of northeast. I have long been an ardent fan of laphroaig 10yearold scotch whiskey for its rich, peaty, smoky flavor and connemara is the first whiskey ive found from anywhere that can stand up to laphroaig. Maintain the studbook of origin of the particulars of the pedigree, status and performance of registered connemara ponies hereafter know as the ponies.

The early years this is a restrospective study on the coat colour genetics of the original imported stallion cohort. An enduring passion for the connemara pony the irish times. The dressage connemara pony carn verdon boy general. She has joined us at canrower connemara ponies, along with the foal she.

The irish red setter is a dog breed that was developed in ireland during the 1700s. The following year 2015 carn verdon boy was partnered by catherine gorton, who again had a very successful season campaigning him around the country and she also introduced him to the art of side saddle. If you would like a link to your connemara site let us know and we will add it to our page. Today, connemaras are bred worldwide in ireland and britain, as well as on the european continent, north. Tulira dar g bred by the prestigious tulira connemara stud, has won many championships under saddle with a 2. Cashel bay connemara pony stud, cashel bay house, craughwell rd, athenry, county galway, ireland. The connemara pony breeders society is committed to support its members to establish the connemara pony as the worlds premier pony for sport and recreation through the provision of services of the highest standards of excellence, and to act in the best interests of its members and its affiliated societies throughout the world.

The 7 year old grey mare tullanna lady is by currachmore cashel french national champion and european champion 2012. Promote the breeding of the connemara pony in order to safeguard the conservation of this native irish. The whiskey the peaty irish in the squat, green bottle carries a 40% abv and no age statement nas. A stud, full of heritage and tradition has led to years of quality breeding and within that the development of class performance ponies. Minnismoor luck of the irish dela sire hayselden kadmus. Promote the breeding of the connemara pony in order to safeguard the conservation of this native irish breed. Connemara visitor information west coast of ireland. Learning irish as i mentioned previously this book focuses on connemara irish, specifically on the dialect of the cois fharraige gaeltacht. We offer independent advice on tourism activities through our visitor information channels, our team of local experts and industry partners. The area has a strong association with traditional irish culture and contains a major part of the connacht irishspeaking gaeltacht, which is a key part of the identity of the region and is the largest gaeltacht in the country.

The tulira connemara pony stud founded by lady hemphill in 1963 is a specialist connemara breeding stud on the west coast of ireland. I got into a conversation with the author in the margins of the book. Top 10 facts about the connemara pony connemara ponies. Welcome to tulira connemara ponies tulira connemara. Northern ireland connemara pony breeders association pat lynes bookstore.

Half breds or ones with unknown parentage are often registered with the irish horse board and they too have a green passport. Pdf hoof wall separation disease hwsd in connemara. Ireland is well known as being the birthplace of world showjumping and with the countrys long equestrian tradition it is not surprising. Pedigree mapping indicates that the hwsd mutation predates the establishment of the stud book by the connemara pony breeders society of ireland in 1924. The first volume in tim robinsons phenomenal connemara trilogy which robert macfarlane has called one of the most remarkable nonfiction projects undertaken in english in its landscape, history and folklore, connemara is a singular region.

Stud book principles connemara pony breeders society. Connemara what to see in connemara, best attractions. Links to horses records with affiliates including fei, sji, eventing ireland, british eventing and. Double distillation isnt as abnormal for irish whiskey as some people like to think, and single malts are widespread. The information for this study was obtained from the published connemara pony society of new zealand cpsnz stud book volume 1 19701993. The celts traveled across northern europe, through england, scotland and wales, arriving eventually on the west coast of ireland over 2,500 years ago. Tim robinson is an impeccable guide to the muchmythologised wilds of connemara, says joseph oconnor joseph oconnor sat 7 oct 2006 18. The irish gaelic touring in the west of ireland, it happens very often to see driving directions, car number plates and signboards of shops written in a completely. Dam one of the last bay tb x connemara filly foal by prize winning connemara out of well bred national hunt mare. Since then our aim is to breed connemaras true to type, with a strong conformation and excellent movements, very easy to handle, so they should be able to do everything. Many have been exported to germany, south america, great britain, and northern ireland, and the studbooks 4, 5, and 6yearold approved stallions and mares have dominated the young horse showjumping championships. Dubbed a place of savage beauty by oscar wilde, the striking region of connemara has been a landmark destination for anyone looking to experience the authentic ireland for many years. The connemara pony breeders society was founded in 1923. If cogar becomes impossible to find, ive heard good things about irish on your own.

Connemara 12 year old peated whiskey is adored for its smoky, vanilla cream, lemon peel and sweet flavor notes. Introduction new zealand has a high proportion of grey connemara ponies 73. Pdf 2020 report on hwsd in the irish connemara pony population. Westport horse and pony show june 2nd and 3rd 2019 whats on. This page is dedicated to other connemara enthusiasts around the world. Connemara pony breeders society home of the connemara pony. Generally irish loose tea is considered to be the best and this tin has a carefully selected combination of full flavoured black tea that can be enjoyed in the afternoon, or indeed at any time of. They map to the teg aa2 and b1 levels respectively.

Irish warmblood youngsters already are making a big impression. Connemara pony stud located in the west of ireland. Today connemara ponies are bred worldwide including the uk, us, europe, new zealand, australia and south africa. Visitors always welcome and young stock regularly for sale. For foals or ponies already on adult registrations, you will need to complete an irish passport transfer of ownership form.

Although considered a new stud, manor connemara ponies and noel noonan have become very familiar names on the show circuit both in ireland and the. The exact origins of the connemara pony are difficult to decipher and are immersed in myth and fable. This irish whiskey is carefully distilled at cooley distillery, ireland. Beginners resources for learning irish robert kaucher.

Stallion progeny filtered by year for easier searching. Our ponies have been carefully selected for their temperament, bloodlines, conformation, personality and typicality of the breed. From what ive read, most people seem to say irish is irish and dialects dont matter that much. Other connemara sites glenormiston connemara pony stud. This breed was created from the breed of old spanish pointer, also known as setting spaniels, and the early scottish setters breed. They teach standard irish but introduce aspects of the spoken dialects. Powderbark connemara pony stud was formed by the sheridan family trust to breed purebred connemara ponies and partbred taller horses. Connemara has a distinctive peaty profile, with subdued sweet and honeyed aromas. Cpbs online connemara pony breeders society register.

But, is it difficult to go from ulster dialect irish on your own to connemaraconnacht dialect learning irish. Despite the traditional irish drams, connemara is a double distilled whiskey, and is surprisingly peaty. It is also a function as a register of all births of connemara ponies throughout the 32 counties of ireland. Capaillin chonamara is a pony breed originating in ireland. Coat colour in the new zealand connemara pony connemara. This book encapsulates the breed standard and rules for the parent society and all societies worldwide. Today, connemaras are bred worldwide in ireland and britain, as well as on the european continent, north america, australasia, and south africa. Galway, by 30 local men, the society aimed to protect and further develop the breed, publishing the connemara pony stud book in 1926 to make it official. I was introduced to connemara by an irish bar owner in new orleans go figure and i am forever grateful. The main objectives of the breed society are the encouragement, development and maintenance of the connemara pony as a pure breed. That is highly unusual, and connemara is rightly billed as the only irish whiskey with a smoky flavor. Irish gate farm connemara stallion jef sir lancelot ks. Since its formation the society has also been responsible for the publication of the connemara pony stud book.

This is thanks to the high quality ponies that now call manor their home, ponies such as bcps 2012 champion rosscon windy lady twice winner at the clifden connemara pony show. Welcome to, we hope you find this website useful while planning your visit to connemara. It moves fast and can be very technical and intimidating for first time learners. Located in the rugged west of ireland, you could think of connemara as a vault, where irelands traditions are stored safely against the march of time. Located just 15 minutes from dublin airport, lishmar connemara ponies are proud to breed and produce top quality connemara ponies from the best of bloodlines.

Connemara is a very interesting, special whiskey brand in ireland. The general consensus is that the history of the breed commences with the arrival of the celts in ireland. Studbook international committee of connemara pony societies. Powderbark stud breeders of purebred connemara ponies. Eightyeight halfbred stallions and irish draught type were entered into the department of agricultures register. Craigmead stud is a small connemara stud set in the kingdom of fife.

The connemara pony breeders society was established in 1923 and set out to ensure the preservation and improvement of the connemara pony as the native breed. Price new from used from hardcover, january 1, 1959. This is an evocative, highly eclectic book about the irish wilderness of connemara. See more ideas about connemara, ireland, county galway.

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